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Let me redirect you for a moment, please

If you’re just jumping into my blog now, I recommend you start with my posts about traveling to Prague back in 2010. Some of my best writing. I’ve had a hard time finding the right “voice” to write about running with, so I even bore myself with my more current posts.

But please start here, and enjoy.


a question of art

Had some GREAT conversations tonight, mostly about art. Unfortunately it got too late to come home and write them. Here’s hoping the light of day doesn’t erase all my great thoughts from my memory, as it tends to do …

What Is Art?

fairyland in history

A quick little in-between post, here, I won’t even put the date on it. Just posting a picture that I can share on a game forum, showing the ‘newbies’ what the game looked like nearly three years ago. 🙂

Click for full size.

darting about

— January 25 —

Well, I promised you a darts story, I’ve got one.

I’ve played darts a total of four times in my adult life, including today. (As a kid, we had one of those cork dartboards in our basement that was shaped like a baseball diamond. I never understood that game then, I doubt I’d understand it now. I think I threw a few darts at the corkboard once or twice, but nothing I even remember.) Each time I’ve played in the past year, I was a sub for someone who couldn’t make it. Basically, I was the difference between the team getting to play and having to take a forfeiture. But each time I’d play, my contribution to the team was appreciated. Last time I played, with brand new darts of my very own, after two games learning curve I started doing VERY well, and won two games for the team.

Well, tonight’s game I was playing under a bit of pressure since I had (unexpectedly) done SO well last time I played, I’d set the bar high for myself. Tonight we played an Away game.  I played Okay, but not as well as last time.  I guess I was having kind of a hard time focusing. Or maybe it was because the other team kept going out in three or four rounds, and I didn’t get much of a chance to shoot at all.. I got one bull, maybe one low ton (I can’t remember), and a bunch of “good points!”

Well, in one game round about halfway through the night, I was playing particularly well. I dropped my score down to where I just needed fifteen to go out. The rotation went around without anyone going out, and then it was the guy ahead of me’s turn. In two darts he took himself from 74 down to 8. He was going to go for it on the third dart, but his team members, especially one very vocal one, pleaded with him to stop there. I guess they worried that if he’d bust, he’d be back up at 74 again. I could tell the guy really wanted to go for it, but after about a minute of intense, loud pleading, he stopped.

Then it was my turn.

All I needed was fifteen. With the vocal support of my team, I took the line. I aimed. I focused. The creamy “fifteen” field swelled and expanded in my field of vision until it was all I saw. I aimed. I focused. I threw.

And I hit my mark.

It was a spectacular win, made more so because the other guy stopped more or less against his will. I doubt they thought I’d produce, as I hadn’t played particularly “well” all night (though I didn’t play badly, either.)

It was SO much fun. 😀

an ex-spurt?

— January 20 —

I got kind of a cool little surprise yesterday when I logged into Foursquare.

So apparently I’m an “expert.” 450 people have done my tip and told Foursquare about it, which gave me credit. That’s pretty cool. What is the tip, you ask?

It’s a really good tip. I can see why people would do it. 🙂

Sucks that it’s only worth 5 points, though. They should reward me with a badge, or at least zoom me to the top of the leaderboard for the week. 🙂

it’s kitty time

—January 13, 14, 15 —

I totally meant to write this post earlier today. I was going to write two posts, in fact. I had ’em all in my head and they were going to be rather deep. But the day got away from me, what with a baby shower and the Packer game and then some pretty significant (though temporary) depression. It seems I’ve somehow fallen a few days behind; I thought I was only lagging one day but somewhere along the line a day disappeared. Maybe it has to do with that one island that crossed the International Date Line, effectively skipping ahead a whole day in order to catch up with its trade partners. I think my extra day must have got caught in the vortex their move created, along with a lot of people’s birthdays and anniversaries.

Last night my cat did the most adorable thing. She’s a shy thing who never really got to snuggle with me while the other cat was alive, because the other cat would get jealous and kick her off the bed if she did. After the other cat died, this cat spent about two months hiding under the bed. I had to put her on kitty Prozac to address a little problem she was having with Inappropriate Urination. I worried a whole lot about her, that her life had suddenly become quite awful, living under the bed all day as she did, and at night when she came out to see me I’d shove a squirtful of medicine down her throat, sending her right back under the bed.

Well now it seems to be working out to put the medicine on her food, so she doesn’t have to be so nervous around me, worried I’ll suddenly grab the scruff of her neck and put a stick in her mouth. She’s always been super sweet, but now that she’s not so nervous, she can stop being greedy for attention (like she was when the other cat was alive) and she can trust me.

Ever since I got her I would hold her in my arms like a baby, she on her back looking up at me. I was the only person on earth that she trusted. Now she just loves when I do it.

So last night she snuggled up with me in bed, and I turned her on her back, but this time instead of getting up and leaving after a little while, she stayed and fell almost asleep. It kept me awake at least a half hour past when I wanted to shut the light off, because who can move when there’s a warm kitty purring up against your shoulder? I took pictures and video. I will spare you the video, as it’s 3 minutes of purring. And these are mostly bad pictures, because the light is low and I can’t see the screen when I’m shooting. Besides, I like to experiment with apps that make photos look artfully bad, like they did in the 70s before we called them artful and just called them bad. Many of these are from Instagram, and you can’t see your shot before you shoot anyway. But all of them have some redeeming value, if just because I think they’re cute.

What is this thing you keep putting in my face?

I will now do an impression of a mountain lion to try to scare you into putting that thing away.

getting comfortable.

really comfortable now.

I love you so much I will paw at your face to show it. With claws. Because that says I love you more than anything.

nearly asleep.


coming up dry today.

— January 12 —

Gosh, I’ve got no stories today. Figures, I decide to commit to a month of writing every day (not just doing it, but telling others I’m going to do it), and I dry up.

“Aint’ it always the way.” ~ Disney’s 101 Dalmations

So here’s a picture, or four. That’ll be about four thousand words …

I made gluten-free bread. From a box. In a breadmaker. But I’ll admit, the box didn’t have breadmaker instructions, so I had to figure out how to adapt. That took some skill. 🙂

I found this old coat that I got from my first “real” job when I was 18. It’s from Pick n Save. I won’t get rid of it, hideous though it is. I offered it to my son to wear to an 80s themed meeting. He ended up not going.

It snowed, finally. January 12th in Wisconsin, and we get our first real snow. That’s weird. It also got me fantasizing about maybe winter skipping us entirely, and how much I would enjoy that.

The dog was slightly interested in the snow. He’d jump into it and run a few feet, then stick his nose into it. I don’t know if he’s sniffing mice trails or bug trails. Whatever he’s sniffing, he enjoys it. He seems to sniff more in the snow than on grass.

That’s it for today. Signing off.

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Let me give you a hand again.

Why am I writing all these trivial posts every day, you may ask? It’s so that I can try to rediscover the joy of writing every day. Big, weighty, heavy posts are hard to keep writing frequently, and I self-edit too much, and sometimes just don’t have the energy to write them. But this little project takes very little energy, and it’s fun! I’m just going to have to break the habit of writing right before bed, mostly because bedtime is coming very late these days.

— January 10 —

We’re back to the hand again. Doc said I could get the stitches out ten days after I had them put in. So if you do the math quickly, it would seem that January 10 is ten days after January 1. But if you look closely, it’s only really nine days. So I planned to go to the doctor on Wednesday, Jan 11, to get the stitches out.

I have been scaling back on the bandaging over the past few days, trying to get by with just a finger band-aid at times. The big wrap is a pain and I can’t bend my finger. But I found that less padding increased the number of direct bunps the tip took. So, I went back to the wrapping.

Can a finger atrophy in just ten nine days? It looks so skinny in the part of the finger that was wrapped, because it wasn’t exercising regularly and lifting weights and it even got out of doing reps in the regular typing drills I put the rest of the fingers through every day.

Just kidding. I’m sure that’s just a bit of dehydration from the pressure of the wrapping.

Stop reading now if you don’t want to see a picture of the mostly-healed-but-still-stitched finger.

So on Day Nine I took the bandage off and closely examined the wound to see how the healing progress was going. It’s really hard to tell. It looks pretty healed, but with all those black knots covering the worst part of the cut, it’s hard to tell.

Isn’t that photo artistic? It looks like the kind of photo you take of a newborn baby. Gotta love some of the  awesome apps on the iPhone. The above filter is courtesy of the app called Camera Bag. It’s one of my favorites.

Still using Camera Bag, I was also able to get a fisheye version. It’s a much better view of the stitches themselves.  The wound, not so much.

Tomorrow: the stitches come out!

something. smells. GOOD. (rawr!)

— January 9 —
(is that where we’re at? I can’t remember.)

Real quick post here ’cause I’m super tired.

I was cooking beef in beef broth in the crock pot, and I left the house. While I was gone, the dog must have thought that yummy smell was coming from this enormous bag of dog food that I won at a raffle and just opened.

Torn paper everywhere, and you can’t see it here, but enough of a spill to get annoyed over.

You’ll notice he’s got an untouched bowl of the same exact food about a foot away …