A year!

Exactly one year ago yesterday I wrote my last blog post. There were a lot of reasons I quit writing, some having to do with time, but mostly I think I just started to dislike my style of writing “here’s what I did and here’s how I felt about it.”

But in that time I ran/walked over 40 5Ks, and I do regret not having a record of how I felt while doing them. Now the year begins again, and the races cycle around again, and I’ve done some of the same races again this year and skipped others. I don’t like writing after a race, because I’ve got energy and would rather use it doing something else, but hopefully this year I may write more. And maybe I’ll reference last year too.

For now, I just wanted to get this one posted before it turns midnight, so that I’d be in the groove again. Here’s hoping.


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