June 9, 2012 – Hope Springs Eternal: WBCS Racing for Research at MCW

(Note: This was written a year ago, but I figure since I never published it then, I may as well publish it now.)

—June 9, 2012—
This was a little 5k that I wasn’t sure I was going to go to. At this point I was still having trouble getting out of my warm bed to go exercise early in the morning, so I nearly skipped it. It sounded small and I didn’t know much about it.

But, in the end I got myself out the door and down to the park. I walked up to the registration table just a minute or so before the race was to start, so I filled out the form as quickly as I could, grabbed the tech shirt they offered (woo-hoo!), and took off.

It was a nice walk through pretty woods, though, and the racing group was very small. By the time I was done, I was glad I had gone. I realized halfway through the walk that I had neglected to pick up my goodie bag, so along the way I asked different people what had been in it. A water bottle, a couple of granola bars, coupons, and a ticket to a charity open house for breast cancer research, a $25 value. “That’s right!” I thought. “That’s the reason I even wanted to do this walk!” I kicked myself for forgetting the bag and hoped it would be waiting for me when I was done.

When I got back to the starting point, there was no one sitting at the registration table, and everything had been cleaned up for the most part, except for one goodie bag sitting on the table, sans t-shirt, and a few more in boxes. I looked around to see if any of the registration people were around, but didn’t see them. But, I figured, since I was the last one at the table, I forgot my goodie bag, and here sat a goodie bag in the same spot I had stood, I assumed it was mine, so I took it.

Eventually I found the man who had registered me, and he affirmed that the goodie bag was mine to take, so that made me feel good. Also, after the race, which seemed to consist mostly of people who knew each other, there was a little party with music, and a LOT of donated drinks from Starbucks. I grabbed a Double Shot and a can of their new Refresher drink, and a hot coffee.

So in the end I was happy I had gotten myself out the door. And I think that marked the end of any difficulty I had getting up for a race. They seemed to ALL be worth it for something.


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