how I made the art

— January 31 —

So this is the last day of my month-of-blogging challenge. While it’s true I technically “wrote” every day, I don’t think I did a very good job of fulfilling the challenge. I may have even driven some regular readers away with my blog about nothing.

I shall try again in February. No guarantees it will get better, but even still I want to continue the “every day” challenge.

SO. This one is for Nancy, in particular, who wanted to know how I created yesterday’s “eyeball” picture. Nancy, it’s all in the apps. I won’t (can’t) tell you the specific choices in the app, because there were MANY, but I can say it was mostly done with the PhotoStudio app. I may have put a final, subtle vignette on at the end through CameraBag, but I can’t say for sure whether I did or not.

Here is the original photo. It is a picture of my finger covering half the shutter.

Then, I posterized it, highlighting only the brightest areas.

I liked that, but still wanted more detail, so I added a bump map texture.

The black area was just too black. While I liked the balance of space, I still thought for my purposes of demonstrating a picture of “art” I needed more. So I added a “grunge” feature.

While that did add detail to the black area, it also took away the color and made it sepia. I missed the color so tried to add some back.

It was still pretty boring, so I went into a “styles” menu and picked something fairly weird, that posterized the shapes into basic areas and added its own bulbous shapes to the edges.

Now we’re cookin’! I liked that. But I still felt it needed more texture, so I went in and added some water texture.

Nice! Looked primal, like lightning and energy. BUT, being an artist, I can’t leave well enough alone. I wondered what it would look like if I threw it through the Symmetry filter.

Awesome! But wait! There are still more filters I haven’t yet tried! How about a white vignette?

How about throwing it through another odd Styles filter?

Aaaaaand I like it. It’s time to stop playing and go to bed. I proclaim it done.

…. wait, no. Let’s try a few more variations.

Through a linocut filter. Interesting.

Same image, different color scheme.

I call this "AMERICA"


2 responses to “how I made the art

  1. Very cool looking photo art. I like it!

    Wrote By Rote

  2. Hi, I’m back, I’m back…. sorry I’ve had so much on my plate of late…. *whew* (she says running in the door, hoping not to be noticed that she had been missing in action… ) wow! those pics look awesome. After getting a new laptop after the other one was stolen I have now just added my photoshop back in. Its sad but I have lost all my other pics I had … nevermind just have to look and make new ones…. never done anything like you have… that’s fantastic. I’ve also been busy as I have been interviewed and it will appear today on Beth’s blog ,and tomorrow I have my farewell party at my old work…. I will be looking forward to the weekend where I can relax and sleep in…

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