these are getting shorter and more trivial@

— January 28 —

No blog post today. I’ve got a splitting headache.

Except … well, this is a blog post saying there is no blog post. So, I guess there is a blog post.

Onward. Here is a picture of coffee with chocolate whipped cream.

The whipped cream looks a bit like ice cream because I left it whip about a minute too long, but it’s still absolutely wonderful and I leap out of bed each morning awaiting my morning cup. (If, of course, “leaping” means slowly rolling out of bed and walking hunched and closed-eyed to get your robe and slippers and then shuffle down the steps to the kitchen.)

And here is a picture of the dog, waiting with enforced patience for another treat. I’ve run out of homemade dehydrated treats for him and he’s very sad.

That is all. There will probably be more whipped cream tomorrow. And maybe some almond filling as well.


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