don’t cry over spilt … butter

— January 27 —

A bunch’a pictures today. Was driving past the lake and decided to stop and shoot a bit with my iPhone, just to see what I got. Mostly used Instagram on these, which really gives surprise results because you can’t really compose a picture with it, you mostly just point in the general direction of your desired subject and shoot. Results made even more surprising when you shake the camera and get a “random” configuration of lens and film.

I also have a story. I was trying to use up the leftover ground almonds that is left after I make almond milk. It seems a waste to throw it away, especially since I make it so often. Almonds are almost $10 a bag, it would be nice to find a use for the whole product. I found this recipe for Almond Filling and it looked like the perfect way to use up the almonds. So I started by making another ingredient first. And then I did something without thinking. What a giant idiot I am!

Okay, so I made my own unsalted butter with some leftover heavy cream, and made just enough for this recipe. I left it in the mixing bowl next to the sink. Then I pulled the blender out of the dishwasher halfway through the cycle (it wasn’t really dirty, just had almond milk in it earlier) and when I saw the “hole” in the dishwasher I was like, “hey, I could put the mixing bowl in there right now!” So I grabbed the handle and turned it upside down in the sink to rinse it off, and of course the butter (still inside!) slithered out and down the garbage disposal.



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