(ad)venture awaits!

— January 26 —

Yikes! Typing that date makes me realize I think I’m supposed to have a chair painted by tomorrow, for a “Chair-ity” event. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think I can turn it in later, though, it just won’t be featured in the advertising. What’s holding me up is my choice of paint. Not sure it’s the right choice. I need to decide that by tomorrow, though, and either get started or decline completely.

I spent the day today either emailing or thinking about email. Working out a new little (ad)venture of my own … details to come, once they’re finalized.

Otherwise, I basically just went to the store for cat food (and came home with mochi too, mmmmm), then to the bookstore to take a look at a couple of books, then home again home again lickety-split. I boiled up a piece of dried ginger, or should I say boiled down a piece of dried ginger, with the intention of making a ginger syrup to make soda with tomorrow. It’s all just a grand experiment, I used no recipe nor did I even investigate how other people do it. I just enjoyed the doing. Who cares if it works.

When it was nearly done boiling, I took it off the heat and held it to my nose to smell it, to see if the dried ginger was doing the job. I neglected to factor in the steam. I wonder if it’s possible to burn the inside of your nose by sniffing?

But the ginger smelled good and strong. It is now a deep rich golden color, made more golden by the addition of some blue agave syrup at the end stage. For sweetener.

I’ll let you know the outcome tomorrow.

Peace out.


Since I somehow neglected to schedule this post last night, and so it didn’t publish this morning, I can go ahead and let you know how the soda turned out right now.

Pretty good! Although it could be stronger x2. Not quite sure how to accomplish that … let it boil down even less? Or use two pieces of ginger? I’ll have to experiment.

So while the liquid itself is very very light in color, it tastes pretty good. Definitely ginger.


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