miscellany … I’m grasping at straws, here.

— January 24 —

Nobbut* apps pictures again today. If I’ve done anything exciting lately, I sure haven’t taken any pictures of it. Took these this during kitty time last night. She’s getting rather annoyed with the camera, methinks.

*Nothing but – [British Cockney]

Party cat

"Blue Period"

I don’t think I have any stories today because frankly, I don’t really remember this afternoon. It was utterly unremarkable and apparently quite forgettable.

I do remember trying to use up the last of the gluten-free bread in the fridge. I toasted it, then put the last of my homemade butter and the last bits of a jar of peanut butter on a slice and ate it. It was a tremendously unenjoyable experience. A bit like eating wallpaper paste covered in peanut butter and sweetened with honey. Granted, I’ve not eaten wallpaper paste, but I would imagine it would be dry and dense and would refuse to dissolve in your mouth. Later tonight I gave the heel of the bread one last chance: I slathered it in butter, then sprinkled garlic salt on top, then generously sprinkled grated cheese over that and then another layer just to be sure, and topped with a bit of parmesan, microwaved it and sliced it with a knife into small squares.

Ugh. Still wallpaper paste, only with salt instead of sweet this time. Maybe the only solution would be to turn it into toast points under beef and gravy, but I suspect even then the bread would refuse to yield to the moisture.

*sigh* I miss gluten.

More taekwondo tonight. I don’t generally go two nights in a row, but I’m going to miss tomorrow night (due to subbing in a dart league – stay tuned for whatever story comes out of that), and quite possibly I’ll miss on Thursday as well due to something niggling at my brain that I think I was supposed to do but I can’t remember what. I hope to remember by Thursday. If I don’t, I apologize in advance to you if it was your event I forgot to go to.

And it was, again, a great class. I had been getting bored by the end of last year but the changes they made this year have injected new life into class. I love using the new gear. I’m getting a better workout too. My abs still hurt from last Thursday’s crunches, I got a GREAT cardio workout yesterday sparring with my gear on, and then after tonight’s punching drill with gloves on I think I’m going to develop a massive left bicep.

Made it home in time for the State of the Union Address. I am so happy that I have never yet found reason to be upset with or disillusioned with our President. Maybe he hasn’t done everything every person had hoped he’d do, maybe he’s compromised in ways not everyone is happy with. But overall, I never ever get the feeling he is dishonest or underhanded or blatantly lying to our faces. I’m a good judge of character too, and while I always wish for the best in people, I am not naïve. I can almost always “feel” bad vibes from liars. I have a sixth sense and I know how to use it.

Anyway, I respect the office of President and I am proud of the man who occupies it today.

No comments, please. My left arm is tired, I don’t want to use it again on you. 🙂

Seriously, this blog is not a place for political debate. I get enough of that elsewhere. This blog is MY soapbox. Speaking of which, have you ever been to Hyde Park in London? Apparently Sundays were the day that people could come to the park with their soapbox and stand up on it and make their own proclamations. I may have my facts a bit wrong about that, maybe they could do it every day, I can’t remember. I’m too tired to go look it up. But I like the visual. I wonder if it was kinda like facebook, only louder?


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