mocats and my two cents worth

— January 23 —

No story today. Just pictures. Kind of a progression of how I play with apps, lol.

money to burn

Okay fine, I can find a story to tell.  I went to taekwondo class tonight. I thought it had been moved back a half hour, to accommodate the class ahead of mine being increased to an hour and a half. Turns out that low belt is still only an hour, so I was a half hour late. By the time I did my own warmup and stretches, I missed out on drills, and we went straight into sparring.

My first time, ever.

The whole night was a bit surreal, I felt like I was physically present and engaged, but emotionally detached. I wasn’t afraid of sparring like I had been in the past. The black belt who was “ringmaster” of our square (I forgot the proper term for it) gave me critique as if I’d been sparring awhile. I told him after class that it was my first time and he was surprised. Apparently I did well. I think it helps that I wasn’t already tired from drills.

I did hit my broken toe ever so softly the wrong way and it hurt inordinately much. I may get a pair of sparring boots just for a bit of added protection. I enjoyed the workout and appreciated that my partner didn’t overwhelm me, though she could have. All in all it was a positive experience.

Oh yeah, and I also watched Hoarders. What a scary show. I think I will throw away everything I own tomorrow. ~shudder~


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