You can’t be Siri-us! (groan)

— January 18 —

Wow, I only took pictures of my dog today. I actually had a big energy burst this afternoon and got a bunch of stuff done, including putting a lot of stuff in the attic. It was good.

But I didn’t take any pictures of it, just of my dog this morning, snuggling with me while I had my coffee. So I guess I’ll go back through the photo album a few days and talk about Siri again. Because she really has a big problem with listening to me.

For instance. I was on my way to the baby shower and realized I didn’t know exactly where I was going. So I very clearly told Siri to text my son and say, “I forgot the invitation. What is the address?”

So she thought awhile, and then had her “aHA!” moment. “Shall I send this text?” she asked? I looked down and read it.

“I like it.”

I had to pull over and type in my real message manually.

And a few days before that, I wanted Siri to text my son and say,”Hey, are you around? I want to try to pay your tuition and I don’t know if I need you.”

But Siri decided to say, instead,

“Hey I am around you want is that you and I don’t know you.”

I have complained since I was a young girl that nobody listens to me. Siri just proves it.

But this little guy listens to me. Sometimes. 🙂


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