An Encouraging Word :)

— January 16 … and a little bit of 15  —

If I’m going to keep writing just before bed, then I may as well catch myself up to today. It’s easier to remember what I did today, in any case.

So yesterday … (heh heh, I’m not writing about today) …

So yesterday I decided to commit to an online writing group, consisting mostly of playwrights, who try at least once a year (and sometimes twice) to get together and do what they call “purge”, which is basically just write every day for a month and get whatever is inside of them, outside of them. Writing-wise, I mean. I’ve joined them for nearly every purge since 2008, but I’ve never started with a plan outside of “write every day” before. I mean, my plan right now is the same, but it’s different. I know the form of what I’m going to write every day, I just don’t know the content. In the past, I’ve started with a blank page and a blank mind, and I’ve hoped that somehow the act of staring at a computer screen would put words in my head. And, of course, it didn’t. So I’ve never completed a purge before. Which makes each succeeding one that much more embarrassingly difficult, until this time I wasn’t even going to join.

But then the progress emails started coming, and I thought, “what the heck, I’m already doing it,” and I joined in. I sent an email of introduction telling everyone that I was going to blog everyday, and then followed it up with a “first day” post. And this is what I said:

Day One.

I had thoughts yesterday about writing a blog post comparing the way North Korea treats its citizens to the way we in America treat schoolteachers. I see a connection, but then again I often see very obtuse connections between things. I am a bit scared to write the post because I don’t think I can explain it well enough, people will disagree and maybe think I’m crazy, and I will get discouraged about my writing skills.

So instead I posted a little story about and pictures of my kitty.


Today I got an email from a fellow purger who told me she laughed out loud when she read my post. She said she bookmarked my blog (and she never bookmarks blogs), and I should “go for it, kellybean, because you have a voice!”

So I digested her words for about an hour. Then I plopped down and opened a new document and started writing a story I’ve been mulling about, and I wrote it in my blog voice.

1024 words so far. 🙂

And I like my protagonist. I think she is going to be pretty fun to run around with.

So … the lesson is, if you ever think to yourself something along the lines of, “I like the way this person writes,” you should comment on their blog or send them an email that says, “I like the way you write!”

Because it just may be the happy spur in their side to get them to write a little bit more.


Here’s a random picture, of the way a pill landed on the dresser after it fell out of my hand:


2 responses to “An Encouraging Word :)

  1. Well, gee, I do like the way you write, so here I am saying it. But I’d still like to see a picture of your kitty. (In addition to, not instead of.)

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