it’s kitty time

—January 13, 14, 15 —

I totally meant to write this post earlier today. I was going to write two posts, in fact. I had ’em all in my head and they were going to be rather deep. But the day got away from me, what with a baby shower and the Packer game and then some pretty significant (though temporary) depression. It seems I’ve somehow fallen a few days behind; I thought I was only lagging one day but somewhere along the line a day disappeared. Maybe it has to do with that one island that crossed the International Date Line, effectively skipping ahead a whole day in order to catch up with its trade partners. I think my extra day must have got caught in the vortex their move created, along with a lot of people’s birthdays and anniversaries.

Last night my cat did the most adorable thing. She’s a shy thing who never really got to snuggle with me while the other cat was alive, because the other cat would get jealous and kick her off the bed if she did. After the other cat died, this cat spent about two months hiding under the bed. I had to put her on kitty Prozac to address a little problem she was having with Inappropriate Urination. I worried a whole lot about her, that her life had suddenly become quite awful, living under the bed all day as she did, and at night when she came out to see me I’d shove a squirtful of medicine down her throat, sending her right back under the bed.

Well now it seems to be working out to put the medicine on her food, so she doesn’t have to be so nervous around me, worried I’ll suddenly grab the scruff of her neck and put a stick in her mouth. She’s always been super sweet, but now that she’s not so nervous, she can stop being greedy for attention (like she was when the other cat was alive) and she can trust me.

Ever since I got her I would hold her in my arms like a baby, she on her back looking up at me. I was the only person on earth that she trusted. Now she just loves when I do it.

So last night she snuggled up with me in bed, and I turned her on her back, but this time instead of getting up and leaving after a little while, she stayed and fell almost asleep. It kept me awake at least a half hour past when I wanted to shut the light off, because who can move when there’s a warm kitty purring up against your shoulder? I took pictures and video. I will spare you the video, as it’s 3 minutes of purring. And these are mostly bad pictures, because the light is low and I can’t see the screen when I’m shooting. Besides, I like to experiment with apps that make photos look artfully bad, like they did in the 70s before we called them artful and just called them bad. Many of these are from Instagram, and you can’t see your shot before you shoot anyway. But all of them have some redeeming value, if just because I think they’re cute.

What is this thing you keep putting in my face?

I will now do an impression of a mountain lion to try to scare you into putting that thing away.

getting comfortable.

really comfortable now.

I love you so much I will paw at your face to show it. With claws. Because that says I love you more than anything.

nearly asleep.



One response to “it’s kitty time

  1. Actually that first picture is kind of cool. It’s almost like a painting.

    A cat’s memoir?
    Wrote By Rote

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