coming up dry today.

— January 12 —

Gosh, I’ve got no stories today. Figures, I decide to commit to a month of writing every day (not just doing it, but telling others I’m going to do it), and I dry up.

“Aint’ it always the way.” ~ Disney’s 101 Dalmations

So here’s a picture, or four. That’ll be about four thousand words …

I made gluten-free bread. From a box. In a breadmaker. But I’ll admit, the box didn’t have breadmaker instructions, so I had to figure out how to adapt. That took some skill. 🙂

I found this old coat that I got from my first “real” job when I was 18. It’s from Pick n Save. I won’t get rid of it, hideous though it is. I offered it to my son to wear to an 80s themed meeting. He ended up not going.

It snowed, finally. January 12th in Wisconsin, and we get our first real snow. That’s weird. It also got me fantasizing about maybe winter skipping us entirely, and how much I would enjoy that.

The dog was slightly interested in the snow. He’d jump into it and run a few feet, then stick his nose into it. I don’t know if he’s sniffing mice trails or bug trails. Whatever he’s sniffing, he enjoys it. He seems to sniff more in the snow than on grass.

That’s it for today. Signing off.


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