Let me give you a hand again.

Why am I writing all these trivial posts every day, you may ask? It’s so that I can try to rediscover the joy of writing every day. Big, weighty, heavy posts are hard to keep writing frequently, and I self-edit too much, and sometimes just don’t have the energy to write them. But this little project takes very little energy, and it’s fun! I’m just going to have to break the habit of writing right before bed, mostly because bedtime is coming very late these days.

— January 10 —

We’re back to the hand again. Doc said I could get the stitches out ten days after I had them put in. So if you do the math quickly, it would seem that January 10 is ten days after January 1. But if you look closely, it’s only really nine days. So I planned to go to the doctor on Wednesday, Jan 11, to get the stitches out.

I have been scaling back on the bandaging over the past few days, trying to get by with just a finger band-aid at times. The big wrap is a pain and I can’t bend my finger. But I found that less padding increased the number of direct bunps the tip took. So, I went back to the wrapping.

Can a finger atrophy in just ten nine days? It looks so skinny in the part of the finger that was wrapped, because it wasn’t exercising regularly and lifting weights and it even got out of doing reps in the regular typing drills I put the rest of the fingers through every day.

Just kidding. I’m sure that’s just a bit of dehydration from the pressure of the wrapping.

Stop reading now if you don’t want to see a picture of the mostly-healed-but-still-stitched finger.

So on Day Nine I took the bandage off and closely examined the wound to see how the healing progress was going. It’s really hard to tell. It looks pretty healed, but with all those black knots covering the worst part of the cut, it’s hard to tell.

Isn’t that photo artistic? It looks like the kind of photo you take of a newborn baby. Gotta love some of the  awesome apps on the iPhone. The above filter is courtesy of the app called Camera Bag. It’s one of my favorites.

Still using Camera Bag, I was also able to get a fisheye version. It’s a much better view of the stitches themselves.  The wound, not so much.

Tomorrow: the stitches come out!


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