something. smells. GOOD. (rawr!)

— January 9 —
(is that where we’re at? I can’t remember.)

Real quick post here ’cause I’m super tired.

I was cooking beef in beef broth in the crock pot, and I left the house. While I was gone, the dog must have thought that yummy smell was coming from this enormous bag of dog food that I won at a raffle and just opened.

Torn paper everywhere, and you can’t see it here, but enough of a spill to get annoyed over.

You’ll notice he’s got an untouched bowl of the same exact food about a foot away …


One response to “something. smells. GOOD. (rawr!)

  1. Hah! They just must wreak havoc whenever we leave them alone. Mine pulls the dishtowel off of the counter whenever I leave. Hey, at least he didn’t gorge on all that food. That could have ended up even messier.

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