fun with siri

— January 7 —

I never said my pictures had to be photographs. Actually, I don’t know what rules I set for this challenge. I’m not sure I really set any. So I’ll clarify some rules now. They don’t have to be photos. They can be pictures of any kind that end up on my phone.

So yesterday I was playing with Siri on my iPhone. Let’s have some fun with Siri, and discover all the things she can help you find. Look closely at the following series of images:

I don’t even remember what the original word I asked was. It was not midden, midten or mitten. But in any case, I learned the definition, hyphenation, word origin, frequency of use, synonyms, rhyming words (had there been one), lexically close words, phrases, other notable uses, crossword puzzle clues, Scrabble score, anagram, and phone keypad digits!


But she can also get things quite wrong. Here I’m trying to find where to buy a seasonal Christmas drink:

I once tried to dictate a text through Siri while I was driving. I got blocked by a truck and had to take the wrong turn and was going to be late for a lunch date with a friend who only had a half hour to begin with. I was angry. But I couldn’t text while angrily flying down the highway toward Chicago (when I had wanted to head toward Beloit instead). I wanted to say something very close to, “I’m on f*ckin College Avenue, got stuck behind a truck and will be late.” But Siri apparently doesn’t swear. Nor can she hear very good. This is what went through:

I laughed so hard when I read it that I almost crashed, anyway. My friend called right away to find out what the heck I’d just said, and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t speak. She right away thought something was seriously wrong and that I was crying and couldn’t speak.

Let’s see, what other stories do I have on my phone? Oh, here’s one. Apparently this brand of cheese is very good.

A woman from Atlanta who spent about a year traveling back and forth to Milwaukee for work finally finished her assignment and no longer needs to come back here. I met her one night at a wine-tasting-crawl (I’ll call it that since I forgot the real name of the event) in my town, where all the local businesses on the main street opened up for a special evening of wine tasting and sales. She and I and the managers got to talking over wine at the frame shop, and ended up rather tipsy after the store closed. The owner and his employees suggested taking the party to Bar Louie, so this woman and I went there. Nobody else showed up. But apparently we had a pretty good time. It’s lucky I live just a few blocks away and she was staying in a hotel across the street.

Anyway, so she and I became facebook friends, and now that she’s in Atlanta, she asked me if I would mind sleuthing out the brand of cheese that she enjoyed here, so that she could look for it in Atlanta. So last night I made a special trip out to Sendiks to find it for her. And to bring home some coffee creamer and some chicken to make new dog treats. Oh, and Parmesan cheese for myself.

And the last story on my phone: The New Orleans Saints played the Detroit Lions in the Wildcard playoffs last night. I should probably have rooted for the Lions, in loyalty to my friend who just moved to Detroit last year, and also because it would be easier for the Packers to beat them if they end up matched.

But I just went to New Orleans in November, and bought this, so I was sort of obligated to root for the Saints. I mean, I don’t own anything Lions. I barely even own anything blue.

This mask is handmade, I met the artist and he was so proud of it. I wanted to come home with a Mardi Gras mask, and I guess this fits the bill, AND is unique, AND is about football, which I like. It’s Hideous on me, yes. But unique and rather awesome.

So you’ll understand, won’t you, Adina … ?


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