“The Story Behind The Picture” -A- Day

I had an idea last night. It was an idea that would keep me writing every day, and would keep this blog more about “stories” than about whiny “feelings and opinions,” and also would tip my hat to the fact that I’m a photographer, although my idea doesn’t highlight “good” photos at all.

My idea is to take one photo per day and write about the story behind it.

I already wrote about January 1 (even if I posted it on the 2nd). I shall commence with the “catching up” in this post.


"Too Much Food!"

You already know the story about how I turned soup into salad. Well, the story behind this picture is that IT WON’T GO AWAY! There’s just soooo much of it and I’m not making a dent in it by eating it and it’s not satisfying or filling at all and I’m getting really really sick of it!


"Kicking My Own Ass."

So I was out shopping for some envelopes to mail some photos in, and I went past a display of journals and saw this cover. I would have bought it except I have a lot of unused journals already and don’t need another one. But the message was powerful and I wanted to remember it, so I took a picture.

Anyway, I really like the sentiment. It speaks for itself.



This is the only picture I took yesterday. It is a picture of myself. I was going to take a discreet picture of someone else who looked like my doppelgänger, but I forgot that my new iPhone triggers a flash in low light. So as soon as I saw the light trying to focus, I turned the camera on myself and this is the result. I think it’s kind of neat.

We photographers are always taking street pictures. We don’t usually use flash to do it, because it disrupts the scene. Stupid iPhone.


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