#ROW80 Goal Post

I have to be brief here. I’m starting an 80-day writing challenge called A ROUND OF WORDS IN 80 DAYS and today is the day to set goals for the challenge. It’s my first time doing it so I’m keeping my goals very small. I had intended slightly bigger goals, but need to hold back for a week or so until my finger heaLS, as I’m not able to type as fast as I wanted. (see, I left that typo juast to sahow you howq much correcting aI have to do as I tyope.)

SO. Let us commence with the goal-setting.

Goal 1: WRITING.
I shall write one chapter per month on my Christopher novel. Or wait … I’m supposed to make a measurable goal. How about … I shall write 3000 words a week.

Goal 2: READING.
I shall start and finish one book of fiction per month. (This is significant because I start a lot of books but rarely finish. I usually find fault with them or get bored or something. I need to be less critical.)

I shall maintain an exercise schedule of taekwondo at least twice a week.

Goal 4: HEALTH.
I shall cook at least five days a week at home.

I shall stay home, all day long, at least two days a week, not going anywhere, not spending anything, and not bringing anything new into the house.

That should do it. I’m not sure why I have goals beyond writing, but everyone else is doing it so I did too. (Hey, how’s that jump off the bridge? Is the water cold?)


3 responses to “#ROW80 Goal Post

  1. Oooh simplifying. That is a life-goal of mine as well. I’m making small amounts of headway, but sometimes it feels like I’m fighting entropy!

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. Okay, I love the simplifying goal. Everyone should try that, and brava to you for making it a goal. How long are your chapters? Just wondering, because 3000 words a week = 12000 words (depending on the month) a month. Or maybe I read it wrong. No matter, all great goals!

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