An exciting start to the new year, lol.

Do you remember that beef broth I made a few days ago?

Yeah, that one.

Today I decided to make soup out of it. I had some beef cubes I had to cook up, and nothing better to do on this first day of 2012. So I pulled out the stock pot, browned the beef, and thought, “hmmm. I wonder if I should saute an onion with the beef?”

And that’s how I ended up at Urgent Care on New Years Day.

Remember how I told you last April that my son was selling really good, super sharp knives? And that I bought a set? For the onion, I chose a nice, sharp serrated edge.

It didn’t even hurt when I cut my finger. There was just this thought of, “OH! I think I got myself!” And then I pulled my finger out and it wasn’t bleeding that much but I could clearly see that I’d chopped a big slice off the tip. Well not exactly off, but half off. I’d gotten the tip of the nail bed, too. I had a hunch I’d need to get it looked at, although I did worry that maybe I was making too big a deal of it, and then it started bleeding. PROFUSELY. (If you can’t handle the sight of blood, stop reading now, or else cover up the next picture with your hand. Although, the picture coming up isn’t too bad. I’ve seen much worse.)

I was still in pajamas, as I’m fond of doing when I’ve got no place to go, although now I more fully understand the drawbacks of not getting dressed before using knives. I was alone in the house, too, so I had to drive myself to wherever I was going to go. It occurred to me that I wasn’t really sure where the nearest Emergency Room was, although I did know where there was a nearby Urgent Care. So I pretty much just washed the finger, then wrapped it in a pathetic attempt at a band-aid and a huge wad of toilet paper, threw some clothes on, turned the stove off, finished my cup of coffee (hey, it was going to get cold!) and left. As I left, I was shocked at the trail of blood I’d left in the house.

Note to self: it might be a good New Years Resolution to plan to put together a comprehensive First Aid Kit. Four boxes of band-aids and two rolls of sprain wrapping tape aren’t really enough for all occasions, I’ve learned.

The closest Urgent Care was not open. (Note to self: might be good to check the hours of Urgent Care before driving all the way there.) But they had a sign on the door with the hours of other Urgent Care places, and their phone numbers. I stood outside in the falling snow, TP wrapped hand held aloft, calling ahead to make sure the downtown one was open before wasting more time driving around bleeding. It was.

The downtown office was super nice. I was their only patient. Everyone was in Packer attire, except the doctor. The football game ended while I was being seen (the Packers won! sorry for that bad call, Detroit.) I got three stitches and a tetanus shot. I’ve never had stitches before, at least while I was awake. The numbing shot hurt the most, sticking it into the tip of my finger like they did. Also, did you know they are unable to numb under the nail bed? YOWCH!

The good news is, my blood pressure is just fine. 🙂

So that’s the story of my little New Years Day adventure. I’ve also made an impromptu New Year’s Resolution to wear protection from now on when I am cutting up food. This metal glove used to be my “I’m grating a potato” glove, but from now on it’s going to be my “I’m using my sharp knives” glove.

I got home and continued working on the soup. I decided to leave that darned onion out after all. I don’t even like onion. I put in diced carrots and parsnips — you’ve never seen anyone cut veggies so carefully … a little bit of fear goes a long way — and a can of diced tomatoes too, and some more spices to punch it up. And then I threw in some cabbage. It smelled wonderful!

And then at the end, I got the idea to throw in some quinoa. I really wanted barley, but don’t have any in the house because I’m mostly gluten-free and I gave my box of it away last year. So I threw in a cup of quinoa, but after cooking for fifteen minutes it looked like millet and I could barely even see it, so I figured I hadn’t put in enough so I threw in two more cups. And a cup of Farro too, just so I’d have a crunchy grain to bite my teeth into, because quinoa is a bit mushy.

And then I went and sat down and watched a bit of tv. My dog settled in on my legs and was so comfortable, I didn’t want to disturb him. So I let the grains cook longer than fifteen minutes.

Boy was I surprised …

when …

I finally checked on the ‘soup.’

It had turned into quinoa salad!! And a lot of it, too.

It was still tasty, though. I seem to have made enough that I’ll be eating it all week. I’m glad I still have more beef broth left, so I can try again. And lesson learned: now I know how to cook with quinoa. I also know how to effectively cook once for the whole week.

Back to the finger. It’s quite inconvenient to have injured my finger the day before I start the Round of Words in Eighty Days challenge. It’s a pain in the arse to type (and erase, erase, erase those typos)!

What a start to the new year! If I were a superstitious person I would worry that cutting my finger open like that on the first day of the year bode ill for injuries the rest of the year. But I don’t believe that. Because I broke my toe last October, so that was the start of my bad luck! 🙂


2 responses to “An exciting start to the new year, lol.

  1. Cringe-worthy, but still an interesting post.

    Did the clinic staff find it weird that you wanted to take pictures?

    I often find myself in situations where I would love to snap a pic or two but restrain myself from fear of appearing rude to those around me. With all the blogging and social sites I’m wondering if the general populace is becoming accustomed to people taking pictures of everyday life. (Not that cutting a finger is an everyday occurrence.)

  2. The only reaction I got from the clinic staff, which was basically just the nurse, was she would turn to me to do something, see me holding the camera, and kind of stop suddenly. I interpreted it as a bit of surprise.

    I think most people are getting accustomed to people snapping pictures of interesting things that happen to themselves. It’s an extension of the scrapbooking movement, transferred to social networking, facilitated by the camera phone.

    My son cut his finger several months ago, and took pics similar to mine. I was in a car accident over a year ago, and desperately wanted to take pictures of the experience of being in an ambulance, except I couldn’t lift my arm.

    I do try not to be in their way, though. I look for lag time when they’re busy with other things, and then snap a quick one.

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