an urgent post about procrastination

Was gonna crack a joke about writing this post tomorrow, ha ha, but decided against it. Or, wait, I think I just did … ?

So this is a post about procrastination, but perhaps not quite what you’d expect. I’m not making excuses about why I’m not doing this thing or that thing. See, the tasks I’m doing right now absolutely can NOT be put off. And so, facing the tasks I’d normally be inclined to shove out of my mind, “just for a little while,” and not having the freedom to put them off, I’ve become acutely aware of something about myself.

I seem to have a kind of disconnect between imagination and reality.

Once upon a time (about five months ago), I got this wonderful, fantastic idea that I would produce and direct a play with seven actors, and take the whole thing from Milwaukee to New Orleans. And this seemed like a Really Good Idea.

Well, that was Imagination talking. Because Reality has shown me that this “Really Good Idea” is, actually, one of the hardest things I have ever done. Like climbing a mountain hard.

Who arranges to take eight strangers on a free* road trip, anyway? And also decides to take on all the “event planning” that producing a show involves, and all the creativity, organization and communication skills that directing involves? People who imagine how simple it would be, that’s who.

So anyway. Each night I go to bed and make a little list of what I have to do the next day. And Imagination says, “yeah, that’ll be easy.” But the next morning I wake up and realize, “yikes, I have to put this coffee down, hit the ‘start’ button and get going on this!”

It’s that disconnect, the one between imagining the task and the feel of actually hitting the ‘start’ button on my motivation engine, that usually trips me up. It takes far less energy to imagine a task than it takes to actually do it. And it feels significantly different, too. Starting up a task in the morning feels a lot colder and harder than I imagined the night before.

And that’s where I think the root of procrastination lies.

That’s all. It was just an observation that I thought I’d share with y’all. I’m not procrastinating on this show. I can’t! I’m still on task to get this thing done on time, and it’s my prediction that I’ll look back on it all with great fondness. I’m getting everything done that I’m supposed to be doing. Arrangements are almost completely settled, and the play is progressing nicely. I’ve got a fantastic, talented cast, and the show is turning out to be even more fun and beautiful than I’d imagined.  We’re putting on a ONE NIGHT ONLY fundraising performance in Chicago, so if you live in the midwest and want to see the show, click here for tickets: CHICAGO PERFORMANCE of Tap and Unfailing Prayers to St. Anthony
(Despite the name, it’s not a religious show. It’s absurd sci-fi and tap dancing!)

BUT, if you can’t see the show but would like to help us out in some other way, then have I got the link for you!

OUR FUNDRAISING SITE! (click here on these giant red words)

We’re not only asking for money, but we’re giving away some perks for people who donate! Unfortunately for many in blogland, a lot of our higher donor perks are local. But fortunately for you, the perks we’re giving for the lowest donation levels can be sent anywhere in the world! So for just a few dollars (or pounds or yen or marks or whatever), we’ll send you a cool little package to remind you of the wonderful way you’ve helped us out.

But we’ve only got four more days before the campaign ends. So if you want to get in on it, you’ll have to hurry.

*When I say “free,” I mean that I figured we’d do some fundraising to cover the costs of eight people traveling to and staying in New Orleans, and hope to have a little left over to cover a few of the expenses involved in putting on a show, like props and costumes and a bit of rehearsal space. But fundraising isn’t as easy as I’d imagined. We’ve gotten some great help along the way, but it’s not quite half what we’d budgeted. We’ve only got four days of fundraising left … can you help?


One response to “an urgent post about procrastination

  1. I could use some fundraising myself having been out of work for two years. Hope the show went well. I love tap dancing–I mean watching it, though I wish I could do it.

    Blogging from A to Z

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