“Getting to Know You” – or, “Who Are The People In My Neighborhood?”

I started this blog a long time ago as a depository for school papers I had written. After awhile, when I realized the blog had gone dormant, I turned it into a sort of public journal, figuring I had no actual readers outside of those who may stumble across it during a search. Then, I started to have things to say to my friends on occasion, things that were by necessity longer than a facebook update. Pretty soon, I had an audience of friends, and so, knowing that, I tried to improve the quality of my writing.

Then, I joined the Writer’s Platform-Building Campaign.

I see now that I joined that particular group prematurely, as I’m not currently a writer at the point of needing to build a platform. I’m more like a writer currently at the point of needing to actually write something.

BUT. The campaign opened my eyes to the need to look to the future of this blog, and to really figure out really who my audience is and who I’m writing for. I don’t mind continuing to write only for my friends; it’s the easiest thing to write. But I’d also like to consider writing for a larger audience, perhaps.

I’m probably not going to write about writing, unless it’s to chronicle my own personal journey. Outside of that, I don’t have much to contribute at this time. I probably don’t want to focus on book reviews, or host contests, or necessarily interview others, although those are things I could do occasionally. I still want to keep it personal, although perhaps not SO personal that you have to actually know me to appreciate what I’ve written.

So I’d like to know who my audience is. Please, in the comments, tell me a little bit about yourself. I want to know you better. Leave a link to your blog. If I don’t already have your blog in my reader, I’ll put you there and follow your updates (and maybe some of my readers will, too). Also, tell me the things you like to read on other blogs. What kinds of things keep you going back to the same blog over and over again? And is there anything you’ve particularly appreciated about my blog in the past that you would hate to see me lose?


5 responses to ““Getting to Know You” – or, “Who Are The People In My Neighborhood?”

  1. Goodness. It looks like I’m the first to respond. Fellow campaigner here and one who feels like the universe is expanding exponentially these days… I’m over fifty and decided relatively recently that I needed to write the things that were popping in and out of my head – Fear of Failure be damned! I’m a columnist for a set of local papers (since June), blogger (since July) and apparently a speaker (November). I read eclectically but seem to head for humor, history, mysteries, and thrillers of any length first. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog articles since the beginning of the campaign and I hope you continue to keep posting like you are – I’m new at the blog thing so I surely don’t have any authority here, but I think if you post what you feel like posting, your readers will enjoy it, too. 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly —
    Love reading your stuff. I love to read about what other people are thinking, where they see their lives heading and “real” slices of life. I believe truth is stranger, and often funnier, than fiction. Most importantly, I love to read words from the heart. My own blog tries to just that as I reconcile myself with getting older, bravely reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going next (http://www.castletothekeys.blogspot.com/).
    Keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

  3. Hello! I wanted to reply your comment on my blog but your email is not on your comment profile? Anyway, I really appreciate what you had to say, I don’t mind people not coming on board every week, it’s too much to expect from people. I was more concerned with the fact that I was obsessing over numbers rather than focusing on the writing. I too joined the Platfrom Campaigner prematurely. I can’t keep up and I think I have let that group down, I’m not ready for all that is involved with it. Especially with WoW. Please join in with us anytime you can/want. There is no obligation to join in every week!

  4. I just had to include this one too. These people are also my audience. 🙂

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  5. Fellow campaigner and I think this is my first time visiting – so it’s nice to have someone interesting knowing more about their potential audience. I write mostly about my writing journey and what I’m learning on my way. What do I look for in blogs? People I can connect with, share thoughtful and humorous insights with. Writing is usually what I find in common but the nice thing about the campaign is it helps us find other writers with similar interests – for instance, writing historical fiction.

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