the big time-suck. (no, this isn’t about the internet, lol.)

You may think realize I’m a bit eccentric after you read this post. Oh well.  🙂

I mentioned how I don’t watch TV, right? Part of the reason is because when we moved into this house in 2007, the only cable already installed on the main level was in the “sunroom,” which I repurposed into a library and music room. Our baby grand piano is there, which doesn’t leave any room for comfortable tv-watching chairs. I fought against allowing a TV in the living room, which would require installation of another cable connection anyway. There are other cable connections in this house, but all of them are in places we don’t use for sitting around. I don’t have a lot of places for just sitting around in my house anyway. Bedrooms are for sleeping, offices are for working, and the basement is just uncomfortable. I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a room full of comfortable chairs that force you to either talk or read, without the option of mindlessly watching a flickering box. And it’s worked. We do read, and we do talk, in the living room.

I do have a small tv in the corner of the music room, which I can watch while sitting on the piano bench. But unless I break down and install a cable connection in the living room, OR we remodel the back porch and make it a 4-seasons room, tv is always going to be difficult and uncomfortable to watch in my house. And I’m totally OK with this. And here’s why.

Last night I decided I simply had to see the season premiere of Two and a Half Men. I used to watch it regularly before we moved to this house, and enjoyed it. I do love Jon Cryer. SO, with the whole kerfluffle over Charlie Sheen this year, and the addition of Ashton Kutcher, I was just too darn curious to see what the new chemistry of the show would be.

I had to test the tv first, though. In the past, when I would turn the tv on for a special event — like the January tornado in Milwaukee in 2008, the 2009 Belmont Stakes when Rachel Alexandra was running, and the Inauguration of the President of the United States — the channel would suddenly turn off after a few minutes of watching and tell me that the device was not authorized and I had to please call my cable company to resolve the issue. I think it was because too much time had gone by since I last used the device. Which I would get really mad about having to do, since I’m paying for cable whether I watch it or not,* but by the time the issue was resolved the event was over.**

SO. Last time I called I really chewed them out and they promised it wouldn’t happen again. But I didn’t trust, so I turned on the tv last night at 5pm and waited for the message.

And proceeded to thoroughly enjoy two reruns of Third Rock from the Sun,*** two reruns of Big Bang Theory, two new episodes of How I Met Your Mother (they’re bringing back Victoria!!****), and finally, Two and a Half Men.

Loved the shows. Hated wasting the time. I barely squeezed a phone call to a local Chinese restaurant for delivery in there.

I just don’t want to get sucked back into that world. What value, really, does it add to my life?


*Why do I pay for cable, you ask? It’s bundled with phone and internet at a really great price I can’t get anymore.

**I circumvented the Inauguration issue by watching it at my gym. If we want to watch Packer games or the Kentucky Derby, we go to a sports bar and make it an event.

***Did you know Kristen Johnson went to high school just a few miles away from me? She’s so great.

****Interesting thing. The last time I saw an episode of How I Met Your Mother was the episode where Victoria left. Four years later, I watch again and she’s brought back? And hasn’t been on in the interim? Amazing! I thought she was so good back then I googled her to see what else she had done.


5 responses to “the big time-suck. (no, this isn’t about the internet, lol.)

  1. Not to advocate mindless television watching, but if you make it mindful and process the script-writing, there are good lessons (to follow and avoid).

    • I know! Well, scriptwriting and a bunch of other things too. I couldn’t help but watch the actors work. Kristin Johnson, John Lithgow, Jane Curtin – excellent. I found myself taking issue with some casting decisions too. Whoever thought that John Mahoney would make a good jackass colleague? Totally didn’t work for me. And the bimbo cheerleader cast as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s love interest just didn’t work. Too smart of an actor and too old. How I Met Your Mother came very close to jumping the shark at one point, before it pulled back. I can tell it’s at the end of its life span.

      And then I think of how much I used to enjoy these shows before I was trained in theatre.

  2. I agree with your TV philosophy. Nice in small doses, but life’s too short to gawp at the box. How was Ashton in Two and a Half Men? Can’t think he’d measure up to Charlie Sheen, but I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve watched a couple of episodes.

    • I liked him! They’re not trying to “replace” Sheen’s character. Kutcher’s character is a completely different person. I had kinda hoped they might leave Charlie’s ashes on the mantle so they could reference him on occasion, but it seems they will not. Perhaps in another episode he will be revealed again, but at this time it seems as if he’s gone. (and how they did it inspired my biggest laugh of the night, btw.) 😀

      I can see that they may turn Kutcher’s character into a type of Charlie, which I suppose they must if the show is going to retain its character.

      Dang, I can see my Monday nights are going to get sucked away.

  3. LOL, There are times when I have read your posts and thought, gee we are very, very similar and then there is a post like this one and I think, hell no!…LOL. *smiles* I confess I love my tv, I have some programs that I am hell bent on watching…. such as
    Ellen Degeneras …when its on, love her.
    Our local Doctor drama.. Shortland St… a doctor just found out she has Aspergers, it’s causing problems.
    Coronation St… well who hasn’t..and I used to what the English one on Computor when I first got the Computor so I could also see what was happening 5 years in advance….lol.
    Sad, isn’t it. I know it’s a time waster and I do have to admit that since taking up writing I haven’t watched as much as I used to. I also love to watch Two and a Half Men, Charlie hasn’t died here yet, so will be interesting to see Kutcher in this program.
    Still, a very interesting post clickerbug.

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