Holiday Folk Fair Challenge

I hope no one minds that I’ve turned my blog over to a sort of “journal” of my Grand Gluten experiment. I figure it might help other people who stumble upon it in a search, or perhaps a friend who’s experiencing symptoms. I’m not writing the kinds of posts that I’d like to be known for, but I hope that by writing my experiences in journal form someone else might be helped by it.

Today’s Great Challenge was the Holiday Folk Fair at State Fair Park. My son and I went down there to see our friends (and fellow classmates) céili dance on the International Stage. They were among the best, IMO. But we got there hungry and of course there’s all that ethnic food to choose from. I chose a curry dish from the African table, and was able to speak to the woman who actually made the curry to find out what was in it. A bit later I chose a simple greek plate of rice and meat. So far, so good. Simple. But then it got complicated, trying to choose something sweet to try. I ended up with a dessert from the Filipino table, supposedly made of cassava and coconut and a sweetener or two. But I’m wondering if it didn’t have some sort of gluten binder in it, because about an hour later my symptoms started picking up again. About four hours later, I noticed how much my feet and ankles hurt.

I suppose there could be other causes — maybe I just walked too much this weekend — or maybe it’s dietary.

I guess this is why the trial is two weeks long.


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