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Things in my family have settled down a bit. I’ll just say the issues consuming me have to do with the health of at least two members of my family. And because of these issues, I’ve been doing some research into their causes, and how they affect me and my immediate family. It seems that perhaps the health issue of one member may actually shed clues onto the seemingly unrelated condition of another, so … here’s hoping.

I’m being cryptic in order to respect the privacy of each person.

Anywhoo, having disclosed that much, I turn the topic to myself. It turns out that I may have a gluten sensitivity, since both my parents have the gene and if my knowledge of genetics is correct, that means I have it. That doesn’t mean it’s turned ON, but it could be.

And since I’ve been exercising so much lately, yet still can’t seem to get my weight to budge — despite the fact that I don’t think I eat that differently from most people (although I realize that’s not a terribly high standard) — AND the fact that my joints get so stiff and sore whether I exercise or not (but exercise seems to make it worse, which makes me want to quit exercise but I know that’s not a solution), AND a few other symptoms, I’ve decided to try eating gluten-free for two weeks and see if it makes a difference.

Day One.

It’s not hard, per se, but it’s not easy either. I had a banana and coffee for breakfast, although I wanted an english muffin too. Skipped the bread, ate a small can of fruit instead. Went to taekwondo. Had plenty of energy to get through a tough cardio workout. Came home and made strips of tenderloin in pepper seasoning, brown rice, and corn. Yum! Went out and did errands (another coffee); my son wanted to eat some dinner before irish dancing so we stopped at Wendy’s where I ordered a plain baked potato. We both went to irish dance class and I actually danced quite well (for me). I had enough stamina to be able to work on the finer technique of my warmup exercises, then had enough stamina to dance the jig a few times through AND the hard shoe steps about ten times. My only issue with the jig was in dealing with an annoying pain in my ankle/arch that I’ve been fighting for about two months, as well as the weakness in my knees from my knee surgery many decades ago. And in hard shoe I don’t jump off the ground — not until my weight is down. Too risky.

But now, I’m HUNGRY. And tonight is going to be the hardest, being hungry, not having anything prepared, needing to scrounge in the freezer for something. The kitchen is not gluten-free yet, which makes it hard too. I walk past things and want them.

Wrapping my head around what I need to stock in my pantry now, plus getting rid of perfectly good food that I already own, is going to take some mental adjusting time.


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