My Morning Walk

I step out of my apartment and see this:

Then turn left and go down this street:

Which veers left into this street (my favorite stretch, the part that feels like a painting):

At the end of that stretch, I could turn left under this part of the Charles Bridge and go through the Kampa (park), and reach our theatre more quickly. But that’s what I do in the afternoon.

In the morning I turn right, and go up this hill …

through this passage past the marionette shop …

to the top of the hill. From there I could turn left and go over the Charles Bridge if I wanted. But we only did that when we were off to explore Old Town and Wenceslas Square and stuff.

Instead, in the mornings I would turn right and go under this tower:

and then up this street where a lot of shops were. I didn’t fight too many tourists before 9 am, but after 9 it would get pretty crowded.

And finally, at the end of the street, I would cross the tram stop and go into Starbucks,

where I would meet the others, and get on the internet.

From there we could do a lot of things: work, go off and do errands, or maybe explore the city and find fun little places to be silly.

Tomorrow, it all ends.



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