Who am I today?

At what age should a person settle down and commit to only one major interest? My husband keeps demanding I do so. But which one?

Today I dropped off one of my art pieces for Gallery Night to the Live Artists’ Studio. This was the one for the juried show … the one I was initially most proud of, because it was A) chosen by the juror, and B) my first professionally displayed work since … well, I suppose if you count high school as “professional” then it’s been about 25 years or more, but if you consider high school to be something different, then this is the first EVER. It’s the first piece of MY art that I’ve ever had professionally framed, at least.

But you’ll notice that I said “initially” most proud of. After the juried piece was framed and ready, I got started on my pieces for the members show, and finished the “iPhone Series – Alphabet” piece I’ve been working on for over a month. The reaction that piece is getting from everyone who sees it is incredibly encouraging, and now I’m hanging my hopes on that one becoming a sort of bread-and-butter piece for me. So I’m most proud of it now, primarily because it still excites me, and I see it exciting others too. The juried show piece … well … I just don’t see it selling. I put a price on it today, but I doubt it’ll get any interest.

So, as my husband would say, “today you’re a photographer, huh?”

Last night, after rehearsal, I ran home and whipped out a little drawing of a bird to share on tweetshare.com for a little “contest” they were running. I really just revisited the same birds I drew for a poster contest when I was twelve, and sketched out a quick little variation on it and submitted it to the contest. Well, today I noticed that the owner of tweetshare and one of his team members both loved my sketch. I scanned through both of their tweet history, and noticed that my bird was the ONLY one that the owner even acknowledged, and it was the ONLY one that the team member said he “loved.” And, since the contest ended yesterday, I suspect that my little bird has risen to a pretty high position in the contest, and I’ll at least get a t-shirt out of it. (*hoping*) I’m not even thinking about the cash prize.

Today, I am an artist.

Then there’s always the idea of going to grad school for directing. It’s so hard for me to keep my mouth shut in rehearsal, although I’ve done a darn admirable job so far, I think. Sitting in that room with a script to interpret just really excites me. That happens with nearly every show I see, with the possible exception of West End and Broadway shows, where the investments involved demand the caliber of direction be SO HIGH that the finished product is nearly perfect. But anything less than Broadway and I’m usually picking it apart, thinking this piece or that piece of the show could have been directed just a little differently to make the story that much more cohesive.

Today, I am a director.

Tonight I went to hear a friend’s senior voice recital. She’s also a composition major, and I was very interested in hearing her compositional style. Why, you ask? It’s because I still have that opera on my to-do list. I can’t give it up. So I sat through the recital and thought about the opera.

Today, I am a writer.

I feel like, right now, the place I am at in my life is a very confident one, where I believe in my photography, I have the courage to show my art to the world, and I want to make a difference in *some* field. I want to be known.

So, the question is, Who Am I? And where do I focus my energies from now on?


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  2. Diggin’ the blog, sister Renaissance woman!

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