Went to the symphony again last night. Didn’t much like the program though. I almost left at intermission before the Stravinsky, but after reading the program notes decided to stay. The Stravinsky was written as a ballet about puppets, so I decided to listen and see if I might want to come up with a little stop-motion puppet movie based on the music.

As most things like that go, I lost interest in the music pretty quickly, while still dreaming on about the puppet show. I want to make this little show, but there are so many obstacles my mind has thrown before me. Could I get a recording of the music without paying a ton of royalties? Do I have time to work on this kind of project? I’ve heard this kind of thing can take years. What if we move? Maybe I can make a very small little theatre box and use a macro lens. I could use my 5D, no problem. But what happens when I want to use the camera somewhere else? How do I realign the camera back to the scene? How about if I build a frame that holds the camera tight into position against the box. Hmmm, I’d probably want to make it out of something really tough, like steel.

And finally, can I be counted on to start a project that’s going to last longer than 10 minutes? Darn ADD …

SO, I’m writing it here, so that I can revisit it later and kick myself for not doing it.


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