My 2,167th brilliant career idea

Ahhh, yes. It’s time to write in here again. No one likes a neglected blog. Of course, no one reads it. And since the only one I’m pleasing is No One, I should do what No One likes. And No One likes a neglected blog. So I guess I’ll go on neglecting it.  🙂

<giggle> that’s my kind of humor. I’m such a geek.

SO. I made a pendant out of silver last week Sunday. Actually, I made it out of silver clay. It was tough stuff to work with, and the rest of the class struggled with it quite a bit. But it seems my design took advantage of the clay’s strong points, and I did not ask much of it outside of that, so by the end of the class everyone was admiring my work, as was I. The thing was going to dry until Tuesday and then get fired, and we were to come back on Sunday and finish the piece, sanding and whatever else you do with a silver pendant to get it ready for wearing.

Well, on Saturday night I came down with a nasty, nasty cold.

So I had to skip the class on Sunday. I was probably the person most excited in the whole class about seeing my finished product … not saying others weren’t excited, but I was abnormally excited, having spent hours thinking about it during the week, buying a chain for it, inventing a more efficient way of working with the clay, and planning a future career making silver pendants to sell. I mean, I took this to the limit of my dreams. I’ve got my jewelry studio all planned, my catalog designed, my prices set …

(ahem.) But I still haven’t seen the pendant finished. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get in there tomorrow afternoon and work on it. I’ve been feeling better, although today I was really tired, but it seems the congestion is nearly gone. If I can be sure the fever is gone too, I think I’ll venture out a bit.


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