absolutely random thoughts

…because I can. Because nobody reads this blog so I have no pressure to be “interesting.”

– When I was a very poor, newly single mother, I bought a sapphire and diamond pendant off of HSN. Then, many years later, I bought a ring that matched. For some reason, I remembered the ring but forgot the pendant. SO, even more years later, I bought another pendant, thinking I needed it to match the ring. Today, I found both pendants and put them together. They match. But now I can’t find the ring.

– Tonight, just after sunset, the clouds in the sky looked like the smudges I usually clone out in photoshop, thinking they’re smudges on the windshield or dust on the lens.

– Tonight I ate a meal so exquisitely delicious that I wanted to freeze time just to extend the taste in my mouth. Smoky filet, buttery scallops, succulent green beans and perfect garlic mashed potatoes, topped off with a  refreshing wine and a fresh berry dessert. I ate outside and listened to the fountain splashing, with light jazz in the background. The sky glowed dusky twilight and the air was cool and dry. I feel I can now welcome fall, having bid summer such a sweet farewell. (The server must have thought I was a reviewer or a secret shopper or something … she sent me off with a slice of carrot cake, compliments of the house, for no reason whatsoever!)

– I wasted a whole day not working on my computer because the darn thing is so slow. It took all day to upload two cards, import into Aperture, apply some color corrections, and export. It’s still exporting, has been doing so for the past three hours and is only half done. The project I’m working on is a free little thing I’m doing for friends. Kinda frustrating that I’m not getting much of the work I want to be working on done.

– I’m eating my carrot cake right now. Mmmmmmm!


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