The Office

just a little update, since I haven’t been doing that so much ….

I’ve got the computer(s) set up upstairs, although I still need to get one of those cables that lets you use one computer on a different monitor. (Or do I already have one?? Hmmm, I should look at that again. Cables confuse me.) At first I had the G5 w/monitor on the desk, and I loved the monitor, but the computer was too slow. So I set up the other one (iMac?) which is faster, but the monitor is too shiny and I get a neckache looking up at it. Other than that, I’m running Aperture, I’ve got all my archives loaded into the Aperture library, and now it’s mostly a matter of sifting through 44,000 (yes, forty-four THOUSAND) images and getting rid of duplicates. I, um, had a sloppy archive system before and would just periodically unload my images onto a hard drive, and then not delete them off my computer. So I ended up archiving thousands of images more than once, to more than one drive. 

Anywhoo, I love Aperture. I’ve started rating my photos so that now I’ve got a few dozen “5-Stars”, which mean “completely finished and ready to print/frame/sell”, and a whole bunch of “4-Stars”, which means “promising image but needs a crop/color adjustment/second look before proclaiming it complete.” Then I’ve got 3-Stars, which are “Good but not stunning photos that might be useful in some other application/collage/creative crop/art project.” I’m not sure if I have any 2-Stars, but I have a bunch of 1-Stars, which are “I just like this photo and don’t want to lose it.” Although by that criteria, by the time I’m done sorting my photos, they’ll all be at least 1-Star, except for the blurry ones which I should probably throw away but can’t. You never know when you’ll need a background for some art project. Just like you never know when you’ll need a broken shoelace …. (I’m rolling my eyes at myself.  I see value in nearly everything.)

And now with my new 5D, I’ve got a whole mess of pictures of my yard. Nobody else probably cares about the images, but I absolutely adore the color and quality I’m getting out of this thing. I just sit there sometimes at night and stare at them. Who’da thunk my plants would be so fascinating?? I certainly have never looked at tulips so closely in my life. But it makes me wish I had a macro lens. My lens is just a little too “all purpose” for flowers.


Oh shoot, it’s 5pm and I’ve got costumes to gather for tonight’s rehearsal…


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