Is there a word that hasn’t been twitterized?

I was going to use “twitteriffic,” but that’s SO last March. I don’t think there’s a variation on the word “tweet” or “twitter” that hasn’t been verbinized. Oh look, I just made up a word! Except I probably wasn’t the first to do that, either. 

I’ve finally jumped with a full body splash into the twittingpool. I didn’t “get” it at first, but now I do. I think I was expecting it to feel (emotionally) more like aol chat, or facebook. But it’s not that at all. I like it. It seems like a friendly place, free from snark and popularity contests. I mean, a person with a million followers doesn’t stand out any more than a person with just a few. They’re all just individuals, tossing words into the stream, and I can choose which ones to look at (or not). What’s great about it is, if I have a question about *whatever*, I can do a search for the word and find a conversation about it. That’s really neat! It’s like having a personalized help desk available to me 24/7, and no one person is put on the spot to have to monitor it. 

I also like the news and weather updates. I get tornado reports around the country, breaking news, and even fresh Onion articles as they are posted. It’s really fabulous.

I’m thinking of doing an experiment. One of these days, I’ll make up a word and drop it into the stream, and see where it goes. Maybe it will get stuck on a rock a few feet away. Maybe it will make it all the way downstream. Maybe it will plant roots and grow, and one day its progeny will come raining back down on me. It will be interesting to find out.  🙂


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