’tis the season to reorganize (my life!)

It looks like spring. It sounds like spring. The calendar says it’s spring. But it sure doesn’t feel like spring! Anyway, my thoughts have turned to Schedule Cleaning. Or, more broadly, now that warmer weather is coming — I’ve got to trust that it will — my time will be shifting out of Winter Schedule and into Get Outdoors More (while still keeping the Home Front presentable). So how am I gonna do it?

First I’ve gotta figure out what I’ve actually got scheduled on my calendar. French lessons. Lots of theatre. Symphony nights…. 

—break while I pull out my iphone calendar–

—returning from very long Twitter break—

… Irish Dancing. Insurgent rehearsals. Working out. Getting out and photographing. Staying in and working with my images. Setting up my office. Finishing the organizing project I started last year. Gardening. Home improvement. Daily housework and family upkeep.

Staying OFF the internet.

*sigh*  10,000 things I want to do, but I’m just too darn distractible!


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