Old blog, New year

I have decided to revisit this blog and repurpose it. I guess my days of adding essays are long over. They ended with college graduation, you might say. Actually, they ended with my last english class. Theatre classes don’t produce many essays. You have to pay for a ticket to see results of theatre classes. SO, with no further ado, this blog content is going to change over, to posts about photography AND exercise. Why both? Well, the photography part is because I’m getting a new Canon EOS 5D Mark II any day now, and with this blog I will try to showcase the results of my getting newly serious (again!) about photography. I tend to go in spurts of photo-love, and I feel a new spurt coming on after a long while of photo-drought. And the exercise part is because I’ve joined a gym and I am DETERMINED to keep going with it this time. Goal: mini-triathlon in June. 

So if you put up with my exercise journal –which may turn into ranting and raving, I dunno — I hope to reward you with some good pictures and hopefully a few funny stories. I guess this blog will be as its title says: As Seen Through a Different Glass. The world through my personal lens. I hope you enjoy my perspective.


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